Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm procrastinating my NaNoEdMo right now, so I was THRILLED to see Daydreamer tagged me! Okay, here goes... this one's cool.

I Live: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I Work: at being a better person
I Talk: @!#$ most of the time
I Wish: for my algae eater to pull through his stress coma
I Enjoy: Writing, reading, yoga, photography, good music, coffee.
I Look: Someone said once I look like Sophie Dahl.
Quite an honour, even if he was slurring drunk.
I Find: My car keys on the seat when the door is shut and locked, usually.
I Smell: Petrie!
I Listen: To cars driving by outside as I fall asleep and night. They sound like ocean waves.
I Hide: sex toys! hehe
I Pray: untraditionally
I Walk: to great music
I Write: to keep myself sane - I'm miserable when I'm not
making @!#$ up.
I See: Through brave faces.
I Sing: to know I'm through the haze and happy again.
I Laugh: At least once a day, sometimes to tears.
I Can: Make a really kick ass tuna sandwich- about all I can cook.
I Watch: trains roll by as though through a camera viewfinder
I Learn: new ways to make an ass out of myself!
I think: I'm actually my fat, frizzy-haired 13 year old self, and sometimes don't
recognize my own reflection
I Dream: when I'm awake, and deal with reality when I'm sleeping.
I Want: soft things that smell nice
I Cry: when I do long division and get a remainder
I Burn: dinner
I Read: Everything - all writers do
I Love: Stu, my family, adventure I Sometimes: am self-absorbed
I Hate: How petty and selfish society has become
I Touch: everything, especially while shopping.
I Hurt: when people are unkind - it's more common than you think.
I Fear: Complacency
I Hope: but do not count on hope alone to make things happen
I break: nails
I Eat: poorly
I Quit: smoking - on a daily basis!
I Bathe: in luxurious bubbles
I Drink: coffee
I Save: moments to use them in my writing later
I Hug: My pillow/furnace
I Meditate: nightly
I Play: The game at work, and "writer" at home.
I Miss: Edinburgh, my puppy,Tage
I Hold: a Canadian Passport
I Forgive: rarely, but it takes a lot to make me quit someone
I Drive: stick
I Have: obsessive compulsion
I Don't: think there's anything I can't do
I Made: a bad career choice - er... 37 of them.
I Kiss: my submissions before I put them in the mailbox
I Owe: 55% more debt! Almost there!
I Feel: inspired
I Know: There's more in store for me than the things I'm doing now
I Wonder: how many people will have read this far.

I tag: Miss Fern, Puddle of Raine, Newfie Girl, HB, Dan & Loretta


At 3:43 AM, Blogger Snoo said...

I got to the end!

"I Talk: @!#$ most of the time"
Me too!!


At 4:03 PM, Blogger ~Daydreamer~ said...

Great answers, Leigh :) Oh, btw I'm the "Daydreamer" that tagged Leigh. LOL.

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Morgana said...

You've inspired me with that...loved it, read it to the end, probably will read again!


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous HB said...

Thanks Leigh, I made it to the end. You are an inspiring girl.


HB : )

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Dan 'N' Loretta said...

Yay! Thanks for the tag! =D You're my new best blog-friend!
Haha... now I'll have to work out how both of us are gonna answer... ;P


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