Monday, February 27, 2006

Mmoonnsstteerr Jjaamm!

Well, I can officially say I've now been to a Monster Truck show. On Saturday night, myself, Tara and Newfie Dan (as well as a couple others) went to Monster Jam at the Saddledome.

Strangely, when I told people my plans for Saturday night I got a vast array of reactions. Morgana's expression turned blank and she said, "why?" Miss Fern giggled for a bit and then said she could never picture me at a Monster Truck rally. Himself - well, I don't think I'll ever hear the end of it.

It was.... well, different.

I walked down to the 'Dome since I only live about 15 blocks away and I'm too cheap to pay for parking. And so, I braved the mounds of snow and the un-shoveled sidewalks in my brown heeled boots and trudged to the Saddledome.

e had a hard time with the cold (-20), and decided after 10 minutes she didn't want to work anymore. She'll get used to it...

At the Victoria Park station I climbed the C-Train steps and used the bridge. A train had just arrived and people were everywhere! Kids running all over; pre-pubescent boys yelling "GRAVE DIGGER!" with their siblings; divorced fathers overcompensating for their abandonment with buying every t-shirt in sight.

And then there was me. 5'9, blond hair, boot cut denim and brown heels. Me = sore thumb.

I waited out front for everyone else and had a cigarette. To my shock, not one single person snarled at me! In fact, there were other people smoking also! Convinced someone was going to come by and show me where the camera was hidden, I kept my eyes peeled for the rest of my party.

Kids, fathers, mothers all streamed up the steps and into the 'Dome, most carrying protective ear muffs. It was at that moment I knew I was in trouble - I didn't have protective ear thingies!!! Oh dear God!

The trucks were kinda scary, actually. There was one called "Jurassic Attack" which was terrifying at first- it was all done up like a dinosaur and was very loud. Then I realized the dinosaur was a triceratops, and remembered (from my childhood when I played with dinosaurs and, consequently, was beaten up by my classmates) that triceratops was a herbavoire, and really nothing to be afraid of.

Then there was a Batmobile monster truck, which was also kind of ominous. Until I remember that Batman was actually a superhero who helped the good people of Gotham City. And so, the Batmobile didn't frighten me anymore. I even thought perhaps I could get him to drive me home in that thing because, well, it was Saturday night and I would be walking home alone through downtown...

There was also freestyle motocross, which was REALLY cool. Those guys are insane! It was kinda hot.

Although I don't think I'll be first in line for tickets to the next Monster Jam, it was definitely an experience. My next experience: Bingo. Jack Osbourne's got NOTHING on me!


At 4:31 PM, Blogger J Malcolm said...

Good for you, experiencing different things, though I think bingo is very odd. All this old women gambling, although it might just be a cliche. go ahead and find out for me.

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Ajay said...

I am so proud of you that you are trying to keep an open mind...Monster Jam, though? That is a first big step. Bingo...where did that come from???
Looks like you are doing some personal growth...hehehe
A good writer always keeps the doors open for new stories, right?

At 8:43 PM, Blogger iwrite said...

The mysterious disappearing links:

If you've decided to comment, please let me know if you can see my links on the right side. They seem to have disappeared, along with my toothbrush. Thanks.

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous HB said...

My grandma is a bingo freak, and really likes it when I go with her, so sometimes I humor her and tag along. Its not all that bad, as long as you sit in the non smoking section and remember its just a game of chance and that you are probably not going to get rich playing it. In fact if you take it too seriously you just might end up seriously poorer. I find its best to drink scotch before you go to take the edge off. I'm in, let me know when you want to go and we'll make it a night..I can show you where all the best bingo halls are and even lend you a dobber. : )

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Marti said...

Hey I'm proud of you for trying new things! Can you still hear? I said "CAN YOU STILL HEAR?"

I do see links along the right side (but not mine sniffle) LOL

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Morgana said...

I still wonder "why", but that's just me. Mind you, right now, I wouldn't be able to handle that noise as I'm in energetic overload constantly these days.

Although, I think I'd go to watch the motocross thing. Having a motorcycling boyfriend, and having ridden double on a duel sport bike (half dirt bike, half street bike) over mountaitops with said b-friend, has really got me interested in watching that kind of stuff.

It's truly amazing what those guys can do on a bike! Though it does give me a heart attack watching some of those "tricks". To think...said b-freind has some of that kind of skill on a bike...eek!!!

Maybe I'll join ya next time! lol...


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Morgana said...


Can I join you for bingo too? In the non-smoking section, of course! hehe...



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