Friday, February 03, 2006

Video! Or not.

A miracle has occured. I figured out how to extract the video from Nicaragua from my Mom's cool camera to the computer. Now the big question:


Can I email it to Krystal and Javier?

And if this feat is accomplished, can I *gasp* upload it to Blogger? Let's see, shall we?

Well, apparently not. So I'll upload a picture instead. The quest for knowledge (how to upload video here) continues. Suggestions?

This is Javier's Mom. She saved me from this giant, scary, man-eating bug. Okay, really it's not scary OR man-eating, but it was pretty frightening when it landed on my shoe. Then I was informed that when these Praying Mantis bugs land on you, it means you will get money. It landed on my shoe, so I take that to mean I'm going to get money for shoes. Thanks Mr. Bug! And thanks Javier's Mom, for rescuing me!

My bumps are not entirely gone, but they aren't as itchy. My muscles have started working again, so I take that to mean I'm totally healthy. Totally. (Ignoring pain in shoulders and head...) Woohoo! I'm off to a spa with my Mom. YAY!


At 11:44 AM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

OoOo! I'm so jealous you're having a spa day. I'm trying to figure out how I can get me one of those - Voodoo has a sister that can get me 20% off at a fancy spa in town. WOO! Anyway, glad to hear you're feeling better! And money for shoes is NOT a bad thing! ;)


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