Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Juler comme un canard... or something

I'm loving this mobile blog thing! I'm currently in a car, in Dartmouth, being driven, by a Frenchman to Lower Sackville where we're working. It has been quite an adventure since we flew into Halifax from Montreal on Saturday, including such debacles as sleeping on a hide-a-bed in a conference room (Sunday), getting caught in post-hurricane Wilma, phase one (Sunday) and arriving at work yesteday to find no one else there (they scheduled us for 8 am, but no one else comes in until 11). Today's adventure (so far) has been in the guise of breakfast with co-workers from Montreal. Anyone familiar with the home of the Habs knows Montreal drivers are insane, and these guys are no exception.
Green means pound on the gas pedal and cut someone off. Red means stomp on the brake and curse en Francais. Today's driver (yes, I've had many more than one...) is not used to stopping for pedestrians, and has almost run down two, one in full military uniform. Great folks though, and I'm brushing up on my French. It's rainy and cold today and I am juler comme un canard, but everywhere I look, I see ocean. This weekend, if post-Wilma doesn't carry me out to sea, I may go explore the harbour. That is, IF I make it to work. Right now, as it stands, je ne sais pas.


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