Friday, October 14, 2005

Flames vs Dallas

Well, the Flames lost last night in the home opener, but it ain't so bad for a couple of reasons. First, it didn't go to a shoot out. They lost good and proper in the 4th minute of OT, the way God and Lord Stanley intended. I say take the time spent on the shoot out, and put it to another five or ten minutes of 4 on 4! But hey, really... who's gonna listen to this little girl in Canada who's 6th in her pool. The second reason is because Modano got me a bunch of points, to make sure I wasn't in DEAD LAST in the pool. I'm only behind my sister's boyfriend by 8 points, and if Sakic would score a few and little Matty Stajan get some assists, I'll be past him in no time! Yeah, that's right! I said it!

I was really surprised in the difference between the headlines of The Sun and The Herald when Himself and I went out this morning to get breakfast from The Great Canadian Bagel on the corner. The Herald's headline read "Flames' overtime loss can't dampen fans' spirit" whereas The Sun, in traditional pessimistic form, read, "Party Crashers! Visiting Stars spoil banner night." 'nuff said.

In fish tank news, the sole survivor of the tank conditioning, a small yet determined feeder fish I liked to call "Squiggy" (but only in my head) has disappeared. Investigators assume Squiggy has endured the same fate of some of his earlier tank mates, namely, falling to the filter's entrancing buzzing and getting sucked into a carbon-based grave.

Now all that's left in my 25 gallon fish tank is one seriously pissed of plecostomus - after all, no other fish means no algae, which means no food. Okay, he's not a real plecostomus, more like a Siamese algae eater, which is funny, because now my only two fish are Bruce Lee, the Siamese Fighting Fish, and Pissy Placo, the Siamese algae eater. I bet if I put them in the tank together, in a few short hours they would have invaded Laos and hatched a plot to kill the bastard who changed Siam's name to Thailand!

Squiggy liked to put his face in the top right corner of the tank and sleep. He also liked playing in the filter bubbles, and in his spare time enjoyed swimming through the plastic sunken ship and making faces at the Moai in the tank. Donations in Squiggy's memory can be made here.

Why is it every time I pick up a copy of Dose the front page is dedicated to debunking outlanding claims about the bird flu?! I guess an obsession has hatched! WAHAHA! HAHAHA! I'll be here all night, remember to tip your waitress and try the chicken! HAHAHA ouch! That tomato hit me in the eye!


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Voodoo's Room said...

Your a fish person too??? I'm gonna have so much fun reading your blog! We have 5 tanks....50 gal, 35 gal, two 10 gal, and a 1 gal. Sorry about your fish disaster.

I have to say the Flames are my 2nd favorite team...for a real dumb reason...they have a horsie on their sleeve. (sheepish grin)

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous SinatraMafiaso said...

Yes the Flames rock...however they are struggling mightily. Perhaps they should refrain from allowing Harvey the Hound to run practices. I just don't think the team is responding well to a 7 foot grinning dog.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

I can't stand the idea of a shoot out. It just SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. Sorry to hear about your fishies. :?


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