Friday, October 21, 2005

Palm Posting

Salut, tout le monde! Je suis en La Belle Province, en Montreal! The sun finally made an appearance yesterday to show the beautiful city and - Hurrah! the Tim Hortons across the street. Thanks to Mom's sneakily-packed gift certificates, my stomach is full with an XL double double and an everything bagel with herb garlic cream cheese. Get this! Tim Hortons has breakfast - toast & jam and toast & beans!

Today per diem should arrive so I'm going to buy some shoes (hurrah!) and a sweet winter jacket. Tomorrow I fly off to Halifax, where I'm staying on the ocean. I'm loving this Palm - yes, I'm typing on it right now, so if this works, this thing is incredible! Hung out with Linde and Scott last night between phone calls home. This week I had one challenge this week getting the Mending Resolute issues out, but otherwise it's been smooth sailing! have a great weekend, everyone, and si tu sais beaucoup des mots mal en Francais, post them in comments below, S.V.P hehe! I'm eager to know more...


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