Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Resolute Reader is Online!

As many of you know, I recently left Keepitcoming.net (and not a moment too soon, it would seem...) and went out on my own with my serial story, Mending Resolute. Linde is the main character, a south end resident with the ability to slow down time in her mind - to explore a second for hours. Oh, and did I mention she can kick some ass?

A hot Scottish guy ropes Linde into fighting the south end thugs (ain't it always boys who get us girls into trouble?!). Scott's gran has recently been hospitalized from a mugging, and he's desperate to place her attackers in the emergency room of Valeur Hospital. Linde's father has also fallen victim to the brutality of the south end thugs, and a once-Olympic footballer is now confined to life in a wheelchair.

The Resolute Reader is a shameless publication claiming to cater to all of Resolute. But instead of focusing news stories on the rich North Resolutonians, Simone Byline, the city reporter, focuses on the crime in the south end. Journalistic integrity is certainly not kept in check as Simone Byline tangles the facts with her rash opinion and calls out Resolute's figureheads, demanding answers about why nothing is being done. The first (and rather tame...) article is up on The Resolute Reader, and there are plenty more, ripped from the pages of Mending Resolute, to come.

Also on The Resolute Reader newspaper site - classifieds. I need more classifieds, and they are, of course, free. There is a link for emailing me on the actual paper site, or email me at mendingresolute@yahoo.ca.

Check it out, post a letter to the editor if you like and rant about the horrible state of affairs in the south end. In the meantime, Linde will keep using her Kali moves, mixed with random Scottish bar fighting techniques to protect the few good people still left in Resolute's south end.



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