Monday, December 19, 2005

Who is Linde and going to Nicaragua!

I refer to Linde every once in a while, and I've had a few people ask me who she is. Linde Riley is the butt-kicking protagonist in my serial, Mending Resolute. If you can't click the links, please visit and tour virtual Resolute. It's currently a WIP until my graphics designer and I are able to meet for coffee and discuss things further, but I appreciate everyone coming by and subscribing none the less. Did I mention the issues are now all in PDF? I'm so excited.

Speaking of excited, it's official! I'm going to Nicaragua on January 18th! Woohooo! We (Me, Himself, my cool cousin and her honey) are going for 5 days. They just bought a house there, and we are tagging along. Just hope I don't run into any lizards on rocks, eh cuz? heh heh.

Now I'm learning Spanish as fast as possible. I have the CD's and have been listening to them in the car as I drive. It has actually curbed my road irritation (It's not bad enough to be rage, but I have yelled at other drivers from time to time).

Also, I have added a guest map! Look that way --------------------->

Now go click and add your little pin thing! Oh what fun.

One last thing, thanks to Jag, who posted after my tooth debacle assuring me the pain would ebb and commiserating, thereby making me feel much less ridiculous. I still am talking funny. Although some might argue that has always been the case.


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