Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dancing in your underwear

This will probably be my last post before Christmas. I'm not really one of those super Christmas people, and I'm most definitely not going to dress up my blog with Santa hats and jingle bells that blast through your stereo and scare the shit out of you. But I wish everyone a Merry Christmas all the same. I hope you survive it. Go for the full calorie egg nog, tip in a drop of rum or 20. Get drunk enough to insult that relative you've always secretly wanted to tell off. Let your festivities spread into your fish tank - one tree ball won't hurt them, will it? Try to have fun. It is, after all, the celebration of the birth of Christ, and, judging by those nativity scenes that seem to be in abundance this time of year by Christians and non alike, the wise men, Joseph, that cow in the hay - they partied. That stable was out of control! Um... yeah....

I think every girl has it - the dancing in her underwear song.

Some might remember Carrie from Sex and the City on the commercial, bouncing up and down the hallway in a pair of underwear and a tank top.

No one talks about it. All girls want to. And I'm sure men want us to talk about it, too.

You're getting dressed. Your music is on. You're halfway to fully clothed and it starts to play. That song. You can't help yourself. You have to spin, twirl, sway...

The bed or the couch suddenly becomes your stage, and you don't even notice you could lose your balance and fall into the coffee table or knock over your night table. You're not at a nightclub, no one is around to see you. You have freedom to do anything - jerks, spins, moves that have been outlawed since the eighties. Maybe you sing. Maybe you don't. What is it about that song that you just have to move or you'll suffocate? What is that song??

Post below, all, I can't wait to read them. Crap, have to go, going to be late for work.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Don't forget the scene in Charlie's Angels where Cameron Diaz does the butt-slapping dance... (I'm ashamed I know that)

That song for me... gosh I don't know what I'd pick. Probably Ballroom Blitz!

At 9:10 AM, Blogger iwrite said...

I really wasn't waiting for someone else to go first - Mik just beat me too it. And it gave me my giggle for the day! hehe. I guess that song will always remind me of Wayne's World, but it's a good one for dancing around in your underwear! hehe

Mine is Take a Picture by Filter. There's just something about it and by the time he's screaming "Hey Dad, what do you think about your son now..." I'm up on a chair or the couch! ha!

At 6:59 AM, Blogger ~Daydreamer~ said...

Well, merry X-mas darling! Since I'm in mood to sing or even think of songs, I'll just say hello and go :( It's always great seeing you on my blog btw :)

At 7:00 AM, Blogger ~Daydreamer~ said...

And btw Leigh (sorry, another comment from me :D) I added your blog link to my blogroll, ok? :)

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Voodoo said...

I *love* to get my jig on....but I suck at dancing so I try not to do it. But I'd have to say that I can't stop myself when "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls is on!


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