Sunday, September 11, 2005

How could I be so lucky?

They say luck befalls everyone at least once in their lives, and I am happy to say my time has come! Prepare to be jealous, folks! I have had two - yes TWO - long weekends in a row. And so, as I sit here eating a delicious hot dog from Le Chien Chaud (my new addiction located a short block and a half from my new, and Linde's old, apartment) I prepare for another day of doing nothing. Is there anything better than being in bed when everyone else has to get up early for work? Okay, enough bragging. If it makes you all feel better, I have to work next Saturday. Better now? Good.

On Monday or Tuesday -AK!

Sorry, I had a large-pickle-and-canoli crisis. Everything is under control now, and there is only a drop on my computer desk. As I was saying, either Monday or Tuesday, my good friend and writer extraordinaire, Michelle Miles, will post an interview by Simone Byline on her blog.

For those subscribing to Mending Resolute, you will be familiar with Simone Byline's work. If not, here's the quick bio:

Simone Byline is a fiesty reporter, working as the ONLY writer it seems, for the Resolute Reader, the city's local newspaper. Though she is famous for her shameless editorializing, Simone Byline is considered the city's most reliable source on all things in the south end, especially crime and newly, the neighborhood's vigilante movement.

Simone Byline recently managed to secure an interview with the elusive, yet downright sexy, Dane Fortune, the hitman from Miles' "The Adventures of Ransom and Fortune". This is the ONLY interview thus far with Dane (who we all imagine periodically throughout the day without a shirt), and rumours have it Byline promised more than a cup of coffee to get the interview with the man all women would like a tete-a-tete avec, if you know what I mean. Both Fortune and Byline deny the rumours, but the interview is worth a few stolen minutes out of your day. From there, you decide. Check it out at Ye Olde Inkwell.

Oh, and good news... everyone can now come out from hiding. Pedestrians can once again feel safe crossing the street and squirrels - well, they still don't have much of a chance... I got my new glasses, and spend a lot of my time now gazing out the window at stuff far away - just because I can. It's been five years since my eyes went bad, and had it not been for that frightening woman eye doctor in T.O. (who I secretly think was a German spy), I would have had a proper perscription long ago, but I probably wouldn't appreciate the nexen building on the horizon quite as much (and despise my hefty neighbour's open window...).

Your Mood Ring is Blue

At ease

What's yours? Reply by adding a comment below. Have a great week everyone, and come by next weekend.


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!!

And thanks for the linkage. :)

At 8:50 PM, Blogger ajay said...

Good job....I look forward to the next one...
Enjoy your day off...oh, to have a day off and not be sick!!!


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